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About Script

We started by having some family members that were constantly clicking Amazon Giveaway bouncy boxes, all day, every day. They rarely won anything on Amazon. We decided there was an easier way, an application that could click all of the boxes for you. The Amazon Giveaways Application can start winning prizes for you and no more clicking for you.

There is thousands of contests on Amazon every single day. Be part of it and collect the free prizes.

Our software works on WINDOWS 10 & WINDOWS 7 (best of Win 10)

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Choose your Giveaways criteria

Choose your Amazon Giveaways criteria in the script

Start the bot
..Walk away

The Amazon Giveaway Bot runs while you live your life entering contests and winning prizes

Come see what
you won

Check what items you won, copy the link and verify the prizes with Amazon.


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Our Software Customers

Does this Amazon Bot Actually work ?

Yep... It sure does ! It works great and so far our customers have won thousands of Amazon Giveaway prizes.

What if Amazon changes something ?

Then we change the Amazon Giveaway Bot. Its that simple. You get 1 year free updates. After that you have to buy a new copy for 19.99

Requirements ?

Run this on Windows 10 or Windows 7 desktop computers. Windows 10 is recommended, it runs the best. 1 Computer per purchase (if you install on more it will disable all versions of your software permanently)

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